Support PARE-BUCHES pour EQUATAIR (kit déco)

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The LOG GUARD support (KIT DECO) allows the heat recovery system EQUATAIR to be placed at the ideal height to optimize the operation of the heat recovery unit.

Thanks to the cast iron LOG GUARD, the heat recovery of the "EQUATAIR + LOG GUARD" assembly will increase from 5000W to 7000W, i.e. the equivalent of 7  electrical heaters of 1000W each.
The LOG GUARD support is made up of 4 cast iron coil supports - 2 front feet, 2 rear feet -, and a LOG GUARD in which the cast iron coil slides.

The log guard itself is equipped with 2 openings to place the heat recovery unit outlet on the right or left of the hearth. The opening which is not used will be closed with a cast iron plug.

The log guard prevents burning or incandescent logs from falling out of the fireplace (risk of fire and serious burns)

With its 12 kg of cast iron, KIT DECO CD 0136 considerably increases the heat of the manifold, and therefore the heated air to be diffused in the room. The observed temperature difference allows a contribution of 2000 W in calories, which reinforces the efficiency of the heat recovery unit.

Andirons provide none of these guarantees of safety and efficiency.

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