Blow-dryer for clothes

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There is nothing faster , more economical or more eco-friendly than a clothes horse outside in the breeze for drying your washing ! 
Now the same effect is available for everyone, even in a flat. Simply position your blow dryer under your clothes horse, turn it on and off you go ! In a few hours your clothes will be dry !

A breath of fresh air : 

  • The blow-dryer for clothes reduces significantly the time taken for your clothes to dry indoors. It recreates inside the conditions when your clothes are hung out in the garden in a stiff breeze. No longer will the clothes-horse always be out in a corner of the flat. Gone are the unpleasant smells of woollen jumpers that have taken too long to dry.
  • Clothes which dry indoors won’t be affected by atmospheric pollution, and moreover, when you get back home you know your washing will be dry, even if it has been raining.

Useful all year round : 

The blow-dryer is efficient in the winter, but even more so in spring, during wet summers and in autumn, when the air is more humid indoors: between 20 and 40% indoors in the winter, but between 50 and 80% in the other three seasons.

Easy to use anywhere : 

  • The dryer fits simply onto the cross-bar of a vertical clothes-horse, under a folding clothes horse etc. Thanks to its adjustable air-deflectors it can be used with all types of clothes-horse, whatever their shape or size. 
  • IPX2 rated (drip-proof), it can be used in the bathroom with no problem; it is fitted with a three-metre electric cable.
  • Operating at low speed, the blow-dryer for clothes is extremely quiet.

And it’s good for your pocket too : 

  • This product dries simply by ventilation, without heating the air, and so it gives your woollens and delicates all the care they deserve. Unlike tumble-dryers it doesn’t damage your clothes in any way.
  • The consumption of electricity (50 watts) is extremely low compared to a tumble-dryer which consumes 3000 watts on average.
  • This product, manufactured in France, is patented and is guaranteed for three years.

Important :

For your blow dryer for clothes to give you full satisfaction, we recommend that you should place it in a large and well ventilated room. Using this equipment in a small or closed room increases the humidity of the ambient air to saturation levels and under such conditions, the clothes will take much longer to dry.

Eco-friendly : 

Your blow-dryer contributes actively to sustainable development with its low electrical consumption, its gentle treatment of your clothes and its sturdy, reliable construction.

Features :

  • Blow-Dryer for Clothes
  • Ref. 0302 : White Ivory and Dark Grey
  • Technical specifications : 220-230 V / 50 W

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  • Jean-François Gucker
    Livraison rapide, produit conforme à la description et vraiment adapté à l'utilisation en appartement.
    Je recommande !
    Sent the 27 Mars 2023 à 02:30
  • Muriel Caron
    Envoi rapide - très utile et efficace pour sécher le linge à l'interieur. Produit conforme à la description.
    Sent the 28 Janvier 2022 à 12:32

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