Heat recuperator Classic with Log Protector and pedestal

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You like the warm, friendly look of your open fire, but you probably know that 80 % of the heat produced by an open fire is lost up the chimney… Thanks to our heat recuperator, you can keep the pleasure of your open fire, but make full use of the heat generated and save a great deal on your heating bills ! 

Easy to install : 

  • Put the heating element on the decorative kit, specially designed for this purpose, or on your existing firedogs. 
  • Use the flexible metal tube to connect it to the ventilator, which you have placed to the left or the right of your fireplace. 
  • You’ve finished ! You can now light your fire ; in ten minutes, the Equatair Classic will warm the room agreeably.

Operating principle :

The ventilator sucks in air from the room and sends it through the flexible tube to the heating element in the middle of the embers ; here the air absorbs a maximum of heat and spreads it through the room.

Efficient :

The air winds through 1.70 metres in the hottest part of the fire (750 to 850°C) and is then blown into the room when it has reached its maximum temperature. Twenty minutes after lighting the fire, the air is already coming out at 200 °C ; it can reach 350°C after an hour. As the air blown into the room is very dry, there is no danger of burns ; the principle is the same as for a hair dryer.

With its heating capacity of 7000 Watts, the Equatair Classic can heat up to 230 m3. The speed with which it creates an agreeable temperature in the room is particularly appreciable in holiday homes or for occasional use of the fireplace (a few hours in the evening, for example). The small width of the heating element (50 cm) means it can be installed even in the smallest fireplaces. In larger fireplaces it corresponds to the width of the fire itself (only about 60 cm of a one-metre log burns at any one time) ; a wider heating element would be less efficient. 

Economical :

The ventilator consumes very little power (35 Watts) ; in addition, you don’t have to have a blazing fire for the heat recuperator to give its best, good hot embers are enough.

Comfortable :

Blown from one sole outlet, the air comes out horizontally and then spreads out harmoniously, giving a uniform temperature throughout the room. If you leave the doors open, the warmth can also spread to other rooms. The foam filter located at the inlet to the ventilator prevents dust from being carbonised in the apparatus.

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